To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Kamp!'s debut self-titled LP, the band have announced it will be released for the first time on vinyl as a white 2xLP. The record will feature original hits such as ‘Cairo’ and ‘Melt’ but also include new bonus track 'Swimmers'.

For Kamp! , the band took a couple of years out after the release of several successful mixtapes and remixes to make sure their debut had a clear narrative, whilst continuing their journey in blending '80s disco, '90s electro and modern dance music.

Discussing their debut Tomek Szpaderski states, “2e simply cannot believe that our debut is already five. Actually some songs as "Heats" or "Distance of the modern hearts" are even older. In fact we're still proud of our debut, we made it to our own rules, at our own pace. We did not care about the music industry at all, didn’t have any knowledge about selling records, yet Kamp! was almost a mainstream success. And I guess the music itself is getting older and quite classy. So yeah - we're proud”

Limited to 500 copies Kamp! is released on 7th December via Brennnessel Records.