Born in Manchester, UK, but later relocating to Witchita, Kansas, Tommy Newport picked up a guitar at 14 and never looked back.

In the years since, Newport taught himself to play additional instruments, write songs and record all by himself. At age 17, he fully ventured into music, went by the name Milmine and in 2017 released the album, So Long and Thanks. The project boasted 14 tracks, one of them being the notable, 'Altered State of Mind'. Recently, there was a moniker change and that’s when the artist got put on my radar.

Being discovered by Toronto consultant Chief Bosompra of Undiposable, the name change took place and Newport released his first single on June 1st called 'I Forgive You'. And just like that, Milmine was past and Tommy Newport became present. What I found really interesting about the single is the Canadian connection, being from Canada myself. Through connecting with Bosompra, Newport then connected with 4th Pyramid, who is a producer and also the DJ for Jazz Cartier. A now 18-year old kid all the way from the UK to the US to now working with people from Toronto.

Newport would follow up his single with a new song 'Violet Days', produced by himself and co-produced with 4th pyramid. With all this being said, there really isn’t a lot about Newport online, he’s quite the mystery at the moment, but with new song after new song, the layers are being peeled back and with the music that he is making, he truly is the indie kid to look out for.