Apparently it wasn't the case that Kanye West cut his performance short at the Pan Am Games closer the other day. His performance, apparently "always scheduled" for 13 minutes (such a weirdly specific and therefore suspicious amount of time), was already over. Therefore he couldn't have had his performance cut short, the technical difficulties that occurred right at the end when Ye seemed to be still eager to continue were just a coincidence. Sure, whatever – this is Kanye we're talking about.

Neala Barton, Senior Vice-President of Media and Communications for the Pan Am Games Organising Committee, issued a statement:

"As this was a live broadcast, Kanye West was always scheduled to perform for 13 minutes. He fulfilled this commitment in great style and while there was technical difficulty at the end due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, he rolled with it the way great artists do. To imply that he abruptly cut short his performance or that he was anything less than professional is incorrect. We could not have been more thrilled."

"The way great artists do" – by appearing to throw his microphone into the air and then walking off without so much as a see ya later? And who even says "thrilled"? It's the usual careful and considered jargon of official statements that makes me question its authenticity. Is it not at all plausible that Kanye really wanted to perform for longer than 13 minutes? One look at the video (below for your scrutiny) sees him clearly trying to speak into the microphone whilst no sound issues; what was intended to seem like a technical difficulty was perhaps just Pan Am saying, "Please stop."