It's a classic Kanye West double-bill from The 405 today. So if you're a fan of fan-made mini-documentaries and conspiracy theories, read on.

KanyeToThe are reporting that West omitted saying "Jay" and "Jay Z" from his performances of 'Blood on the Leaves' and 'Cold' at the X Games Austin Music Festival this past weekend. Without wanting to go too deep into TMZ territory, it seems like a pretty level-headed reaction to a friend not coming to your wedding, right? (note: we really don't care).

In other West news, a bunch of his fans (or haters, depending on how you look at it) have put together a "mini-documentary" based on the rapper's best rants. It's essentially West shouting over found footage - but kudos on trolling everyone (our prank was better though)!.

Watch the documentary, along with "the evidence", below.