Despite a lot of huffing and puffing at the start of DONDA's lifespan, Kanye West's mysterious creative agency hasn't yet shown followers what exactly it is that it does.

Vibe magazine have taken a look into the company in a recent feature best on exploring exactly what DONDA is all about. The thing is, Kanye doesn't really want anybody to know.

It doesn't have an office (or if it does, people are still being made to sign confidentiality agreements when they visit) or a website. When it creates something, it does it quietly. So is it his answer to a legacy beyond hip-hop? Or is it an ego-fuelled contrivance? Vibe had this to say:

"Whether DONDA becomes another told-you-so moment or a pipe dream remains to be seen. Limitations exist in the corporate world, but from the looks of it (the ambiguous anti-business business plan), West wants to see just how much he can break the rules. As DONDA progresses, he'll have disciples and cynics, either blindly following or silently skeptical, but never counting him out."

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