If you've paid any attention to music sites recently, no doubt you've heard about everything Kanye West is doing on his Yeezus tour. For those not familiar, though, the list includes a cameo from Jesus, performing atop a giant mountain, a fascination with masks, the confederate flag on his merchandise, oh and a 27 song setlist.

Today he stopped by the radio station Wild 94.9 to discuss the tour and its religious overtones. If you questioned why Kanye brought Jesus out on stage, or thought it was 'odd', don't worry - he admitted his now fiance Kim Kardashian thought it might be weird, too.

'Ye doesn't believe it's strange in the slightest, however, saying "we do plays all the time where people play Jesus. What’s awesome about Christianity is that we're allowed to portray God. It's a painting, it's a sculpture, it's a moving opera, it's a play, it's a message."

He continued on to say that "One of the things that I wanted to really get across with that message is that you can have a relationship with Jesus, that you can talk to Jesus. In the same way that someone might have 'Jesus is my homeboy', that is the way I would express it." Below, you can watch clips of the interview including why he chose to portray Jesus as white, how he changes his 'voice' depending on the company, and why he believes America is living through a "clash of the classes."