Fans of Kanye West will know that the mega-star is very particular about his details. He happens to give a damn about the cover art he uses for his music probably more than most. And in West's nexus for creative control, he's finally managed to get his own font.

Designer Tyler Finck introduced the brand new "Yeezy Display", an all-caps design with "custom letters as big, bold, and polarizing as the man himself," according to Finck. Each letter has three different variations, used to coincide with its surrounding letters. Finck hopes West uses it for his upcoming album SWISH, which should arrive sometime in the near future hopefully.

Rumors were abound last month that SWISH would be coming exclusively via Apple Music, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Until then, tide yourselves over with his recently released video alongside Big Sean for 'All Your Fault'.