When you read about Kanye West getting booed in London this weekend during Wireless, and you will read about it, take it with a pinch of salt. During an extended version of 'Runaway' (20+minutes), which featured everything from Nike to the soon-to-be famous "fuck my face" line, certain sections of the crowd got a bit restless (press play on the vine below for proof).

Taking away the fact that it's a festival, or that he typically uses that song for his "rants/motivational speeches" (almost always extending its runtime), the majority of the people booing around were far from invested in the show (example: a few "bros" behind us were play fighting during half of the set, the rest were taking selfies). Pantomime booing if you will.

Will the same happen tonight? More than likely. You could argue that tonight's show could be even more tense considering he's filling in for Drake, but will that bother him? Unlikely. For all the "rants" about the media, he certainly seems to thrive off of it.

As for the music, the career-spanning set had it all. It was far from perfect, but when he nailed it (which he did frequently) there wasn't a single boo to be heard. Not even from the bros behind us.