Being locked up in prison usually means you've got plenty of time to yourself. Most people use the time to work out or read but other take to unleashing their creative side. When Oscar Wilde was in Reading Goal, after being charged with homosexual offences in 1895, he wrote De Profundis, Adolf Hitler wrote his manifesto, Mein Kampf, while in prison after his failed 1923 Munich Putsch, and Eldridge Cleaver wrote Soul On Ice while in Folsom State Prison. Now there's another name to add to this list...sort of.

Complex have discovered that Richard Dupree, an inmate in California State Prison, has filed a lawsuit against Jay Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Rihanna for the tune of $2.4 billion, claiming that they have worked with the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security in order to steal song lyrics he had been writing. He claims to have written the lyrics for 3,000 songs and, as well as the cash sum, demands his immediate release. Not sure there's much else to say here; the jokes kinda write themselves.