When Kanye West isn't busy teaching courses at the Los Angeles Tech-Trade College as a part of his community service, he's been hard at work on his follow-up to Yeezus. Back in July, he had an interview with GQ where he said that he hoped the album would be out in the fall, but we haven't really heard much sense. It looks like that may all be changing pretty soon, though.

Complex interviewed a student who was in the course Yeezy taught after it was done, who said that he mentioned that “he’s waiting for [the album] to come out,” meaning that it's just a matter of time before Def Jam releases it.

He previewed the record at a Paris Fashion Week afterparty, where "he played his new album three times in a dark room of 20 people", according to an Instagram from rapper Theophilus London. If that seems similar to you, that's because it is - he did the same thing only weeks before Yeezus came out.

In a few tweets, London also said that he appears on the album - specifically, on its first single.