Six years ago, Kanye West had an eventful time at Bonnaroo; the rapper ended up trashing the festival following delays to his scheduled apperance, blaming both the organisation and Pearl Jam (who played before him) for the issue: "WE WERE OBVIOUSLY DEALING WITH F*CKING IDIOTS WHO DIDN’T REALLY HAVE THE CAPACITY TO REALLY PUT ON THIS SHOW PROPERLY." He then played a very short, uninspired set, obviously punishing the organisers for making him go on stage several hours later than initially planned.

Fast forward to 2014, West returned to Manchester, Tennessee this weekend for this year's edition of Bonnaroo - and this time it went according to plan.. However, he didn't seem eager to let the 2008 incident go, proclaiming "last time before I got here they had 'fuck Kanye' on the port-a-potties. This time we're going to piss on them."

Essentially focused on Yeezus, West's setlist was also pointed as having several of the song lyrics altered to omit Jay Z (read more about that here).

Check the setlist below, courtesy of Billboard.

  • 'Black Skinhead'
  • 'I Don't Like (Remix)'
  • 'Mercy'
  • 'Cold'
  • 'Clique'
  • 'Can't Tell Me Nothin''
  • 'New Slaves'
  • 'Power'
  • 'Stronger'
  • 'Say You Will'
  • 'Runaway'
  • 'Run This Town'
  • 'Diamonds of Sierra Leone'
  • 'Heartless'
  • 'Jesus Walks'
  • 'All Falls Down'
  • 'Touch the Sky'
  • 'All of the Lights'
  • 'Good Life'
  • 'Bound 2'
  • Encore:
  • 'Blood on the Leaves'

Source: Pitchfork