This week in "What The Heck Is Kanye West Up To?", Kanye West is actually doing something selfless. Donda's House, a charity founded in honour of West's mother by West and Rhymefest, a contributing to writer to Yeezus, has unveiled its first initiative which will help to put Chicago's at-risk youth in recording studios to keep them away from the streets. "Got Bars?" is aimed at 15-24 year olds with hopes to teach them how to write and record music over 10 weeks in a professional studio.

Donnie Smith, Donda's House executive director, explained to Jet that this age range is the most likely to be getting themselves in trouble. The charity wants to "give direction" to those that they believe the system has all but given up on. Smith sees this project in particular as doing so as, "Art instruction and particularly music instruction leads people to become better problem solvers, more flexible…There are just so many outcomes that come from the study of music and particularly music writing."

Taking applications through August 2nd, the project hopes to release an EP featuring the students' work after the 10 weeks is up and then hopefully expand to a national level over the next two years. A much better way for Kanye to spend his money than on producing $91,000 shirts. [via CoS]

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