A comedy group called Local Business Comedy have turned Kanye West's Yeezus into a comedy Christmas-themed album. It's now called Kreezus (or Kris Kreezus - Tiz the Reazus for the Seazus), and the rapper is Carl Tart, and despite being billed as comedy, it's actually really good, not just for a Christmas album but like, generally.

Christmas being just a couple of days away, this has arrived at the perfect time. You can play this for your family all morning if you like, I'm sure they'd love it. All of Kanye's original raps and lyrics have been replaced with Christmas-themed raps instead. But not only that: all the lines match up with their originals pretty much perfectly. For example, in 'I Am A Claus' (hahaha) there's the line, "I just talked to Jesus / he said 'what up Kreazus' / I said climbin buildings / Tryina gift these children" and the indomitable hook "I am a Claus… I am a Claus." Also 'New Slaves' is now 'New Sleighs', and 'Black Skin Head' is now 'Red Hat Head' (which is not in the SoundCloud playlist, but has a video of its own).

Omg just heard "I'll sledge your Hampton spouse" on 'New Sleighs'! It's all about sledding. This is amazing.

To reiterate, it's really good. Have fun.