Update 2: The album has now been removed from iTunes.

Update: Pitchfork have pointed out that the album is now on iTunes, confirming the album cover. They've also pointed out that the track lengths are a little odd. All of them clock in at 3:02, apart from the final track which is 3:01 long. Placeholder or religious reference? We'll find out soon enough...

Following his appearance on SNL (view here) and worldwide premiere of 'New Slaves' on 66 Buildings across the world, it seems Yeezy has confirmed the release date and album cover for his new album, Yeezus.

The image, along with pre-order link both landed on Kanye West's website before being removed. Not convinced? Well Kim Kardashian posted a picture of the CD too if that helps? No? Still think he's messing with everyone? I guess we'll find out on June 18th.