"Na-na-na that that don't kill me / Can only make me stronger / I need you to hurry up now / 'Cause I can't wait much longer."

It seems as though Kanye West put a lot of stock in those lyrics yesterday.

According to various reports, the rapper was rushed to hospital ahead of his final Melbourne concert (10th September, Rod Laver Arena). This might be complete bollocks, especially as the show went ahead, but I'm sure we'll know soon enough.

In other Kanye news, it seems he's teamed up with Jay Z to co-produce Chris Rock's forthcoming film, Top Five. "Top Five tells the story of a comedian movie-star (played by Rock in a variation of Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart and himself, he says) who has an awakening on the day of his big premiere," says Variety. "Rosario Dawson plays a New York Times reporter assigned to write a profile about Rock's character."

The Executive Music Producer of the film is The Roots' Questlove, which makes this project pretty exciting.

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