Earlier this month we put together a pretty great April Fool's joke regarding a new Kanye West album (read about it here). 27 days later, it seems someone else is trying to get in on the action.

According to The Sun (via Contact Music), a "source" has claimed that West is planning to release a spoken word album.

''Kanye loves the sound of his own voice and this will be the ultimate in self-indulgence," says the source. "He has very strong views on everything from music and art to politics and the environment. He's forever recording his opinions on tape. He says he's doing it for posterity and thought about turning them into a book or even donating them to a museum.''

This is quite clearly an Onion-based joke, but we like the final word from the source: "he's planning on making 24 hours of his speech recording available to download so fans can listen to his views round the clock.''

We still think The Rising is more feasible, though nothing is off the table when it comes to Yeezus.

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