Last week was a week of mostly irreverent Kanye West tributes, where we learned the title of Lily Allen's new album (Yeezy taught her how to name albums), and Lil B gave us an early contender for the year's best/worst album cover. But Kanye ignored both of them and instead throughout an invite to James Blake -- Kanye's second favourite artist after Kanye West -- to collaborate. Blake revealed the pending invitation in an interview with Rolling Stone and says he's holding out for a for real collaboration rather than some long distance email chain or as a small part of some huge production team. This is what he said:

"You know, the way that I like to work is bare bones and personal. I think because Kanye's such an accomplished producer, if I was to work with him, then I think we could do something together, and just together, you know?"

Imagine James taking Kim's place whilst watching the video for Bound 2:

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