It's true that not everyone "got" Kanye West at first. It took a life-threatening car crash and rapping through a jaw wire for people to begin to even take him seriously and now we have more insight into Kanye's early career thanks to a new book from Jensen Karp (or Hot Karl.) The book is titled Kanye West Owes Me 300 and recounts a time where Kanye played an early version of Grammy-winning power anthem 'Jesus Walks' to a room full of A&Rs and producers, who thought his approach was eccentric.

"As the song played, Kanye acted out and mouthed his lyrics, something he always did while his own music played, and I assume still does. He acted as if a music video was always being filmed around him, displaying yet another example of the unaware enthusiasm (and egotism) that would make him the butt of almost every joke at Baseline," the book states.

While some people in the room gave good feedback, others reportedly made fun off him after he left. "A few people even mocked him, mimicking his rap voice and making fun of his over-the-top zeal. One major producer in the room even asked his assistant to make sure Kanye never performed like that again." Who's laughing now?