Today (2nd March) at 3pm Kanye West is going to be giving a talk at Oxford University. It's pretty big news for the university, and it's pretty big news for Kanye, too.

Specifically the talk is being hosted by Oxford Guild – who are "very excited" – at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. In an an announcement on their Facebook page, they say that confirmation came "after having spent many hours negotiating against the odds and keeping things under wraps." Despite the prestige of the university (and of the Oxford Guild Society, which dates back to 1897) Kanye is still Kanye.

The announcement continues: "The Oxford student body is very excited to host this occasion and looks forward to an inspiring and insightful talk from Kanye West. This is one of the biggest speakers that Oxford has seen in the past decades and is yet another great coup for the Guild which we are proud to see continuing to grow from strength to strength, reaching even higher heights and winning ever more national awards and accolades."