History has taught us that Icelandic musicians have an incredibly unique approach to music. Even musicians who have visited the country for whatever reason say there's something in the air when it comes to the creative process. 21-year-old Karó, born in Reykjavik before moving to Dundee in Scotland, uses the influences of both countries in 'Wolfbaby' produced by Les Fréres Stefson (who also produced her debut 'Silhouette') and co-written with Logi Pedro.

Speaking on the track, she said "I wrote this song in a bit of a spiteful mindset. It's about being over someone and releasing this person's grip on me. The song's message is in many ways stronger and more direct than in my last track... it's more difficult for me. I think I needed to do a song like that."

'Wolfbaby' is available now on iTunes.