Blimey! It was only earlier this week that we were banging on about just how much we'd love to see Kate Bush perform live again and, as if by magic, the unlikeliest of unlikelies has happened.

Putting an end to what must surely be the most excruciating gigging hiatus in history, Bush has this morning announced her live comeback with a series of shows at the Hammersmith Apollo.

 They are as follows:

  • Tuesday, 26th August
  • Wednesday, 27th August
  • Friday, 29th August
  • Saturday, 30th August
  • Tuesday, 2nd September
  • Wednesday, 3rd September
  • Friday, 5th September
  • Saturday, 6th September
  • Tuesday, 9th September
  • Wednesday, 10th September
  • Friday, 12th September
  • Saturday, 13th September
  • Tuesday, 16th September
  • Wednesday, 17th September
  • Friday, 19th September

If you haven't already checked out our wishful thinking feature on what a 2014 Kate Bush show might be like, click hither. We also put together a pretty killer 'Essential Playlist' this week, just in case you need reminding of how great she is. 

To quote the lady herself: "it's really happening to ya."

Tickets on sale next Friday, 28th of March from here. The prices range from £49 to £135 and are subject to a booking fee. There's a possibility of an extension too.

Editor Update: Doron (our Kate Bush expert) has this to say about the possible themes Bush will use during the dates (which he outlined here): The promo picture definitely references The Ninth Wave image of Kate as Ophelia on the back of Hounds of Love, wearing a life jacket, which corroborates my speculation in our article (and the initial info I was given) that she will incorporate the entire suite of songs into the show...

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Here's her performing 'Wuthering Heights' live from 1979: