As you may have seen in the news, Kate Bush's Devon abode is - if we're being very hysterical about this - at risk of falling into the sea.

Well, that's the sensational headline, at any rate. The facts of the matter are that the 200-year-old property near East Portlemouth may be affected by a substantial landslip, which has resulted in a part of the Kingsbridge coast disintegrating into the sea. Bush's neighbour's front gate is reported to be mere inches from a rather nasty drop!

Looking at Bush's discography, we have identified song titles which may bear relevance or indeed unfortunate poignancy to this potentially worrying 'current affair'. With apologies in advance for bad punnage/ridiculously tenuous links, we bring you the following ten:

• 'Fullhouse' - we imagine Bush's house is replete with lavish furnishings and, presumably, old demos and memorabilia. With these reported dangers looming, a full house is a real risk.

• 'Get Out of My House' - this album closer from The Dreaming could serve as a potent exclamation to Bertie and Dan McIntosh to vacate the property tout suite in the event of further land crumblings.

• 'Passing Through Air' - no comment.

• 'There Goes A Tenner' - well, there goes £2.5m, more like, which is what the property reportedly cost Bush in 2005. We're no estate agents but it's safe to bet that without the risk of demise, it would be worth significantly more today.

• 'Suspended In Gaffa' - we are hoping Bush's builders and the local council are making their best endeavours to ensure the property is as secure as possible. Suspension in gaffer tape might not work in this instance but, for goodness' sake, at least get some scaffolding erected!

• 'King of the Mountain' - if something terrible should happen to the Kingsbridge cliffside, Bush will no longer be king of that particular Devonshire mountain. A point to bear in mind, we think.

• 'A Coral Room' - should the worse happen and the mansion does fall into the sea, there is one plus point which is the ability for Bush to recreate a real life setting of a coral room, as originally explored on Aerial.

• 'An Architect's Dream' - this really isn't one.

• 'Somewhere In Between' - nobody likes being in limbo and the sooner the geological conditions are confirmed either way the better. From a purely selfish point of view, we don't want Bush worrying unnecessarily about this situation when she still has several Before The Dawn shows left to undertake, you know?

• 'Moving' - might be worth considering.