Kate Teague is a songwriter from Oxford, Mississippi who has left an impression with her first two singles this year, 'Low Life' and 'Good To You', and continues to impress with her third offering 'Gilly', which is out today. The track is a dedication to a close friend, an offer of consolation, as she explains:

“A loved one of mine was going through a difficult time while living away from most of her friends/family. I wrote this in an effort to make sense of the pain she was experiencing, and to console her considering I couldn’t be there for her in person.”

Teague's honeyed voice almost seems like it would be enough to cure any salve, but 'Gilly' employs it to emotionally resonant effect. A loping soft-rock track, Teague's voice sails tenderly through, then picks up just enough bite in the chorus to ensure that her message is delivered with the right impact to give her loved one the perfect encouragement that she needs. With 'Gilly' Kate Teague further proves that she has the prowess to deliver resounding emotion in elegant musical packages. Check it out below.

Kate Teague's debut album is expected in early 2019 on Muscle Beach Records. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.