Kate Teague is an Alabama-born, Mississippi-based songwriter newly signed to Fat Possum's offshoot label Muscle Beach, and has just released a glorious new song called 'Good To You'. It follows up her debut single 'Low Life' from earlier this year.

Having lived and breathed deep southern American life and culture, it's no surprise that Kate Teague's music has influences of classic country, but 'Good To You' doesn't get bogged down in the mire of self-misery like those singers often do. Teague tells us that 'Good To You' is about her "struggle with comparing myself as a partner to other people as partners, and relaying my frustration at inopportune times... like at a wedding," but the song doesn't dwell in this difficulty. Instead Teague shrugs it off with ascendant guitar lines and a galloping pace, which service her pristine voice, that lifts off and hovers with majesty over the song, Teague showing she is the master of her domain, even if she doesn't feel like it.

Kate Teague is expected to release her debut album in early 2019; keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter.