Label: One Little Indian Release date: 08/03/10 Official Webstie Ah folk music! That great amalgamation and rewriting of traditional styles that has come to mean more acoustic based music, a genre often used, rarely done to great mainstream acclaim, and a style based on being homegrown and intimate. With her new single in the unarguably folk style, Kathryn Williams has managed to transcend the folk label and make truly enjoyable tunes. While the immediate vibe of A-side 50 White Lines calls modern folk with the delicate acoustic guitar and prominent snare work (with brushes, of course), the use of more outré folk instruments like low horns, melodicas, and marimba make the final product more of a baroque pop song. A single male voice intones over each chorus: “One white line. Two white lines. Three white lines,” et cetera until the concluding chord rings under, “Fifty white lines.” The effect is chilling, especially as the beautifully delivered female vocals and hugely effective harmonies add a vaguely mournful nature to the song. B-side ‘Nothing To Offer’ is more country based, and offers more of a confessional song about some relationship. “All the love you had doesn’t count,” “I never had the face to win the boys,” and other lines all punched with the chorus of, “I got nothing to offer no more,” makes an uplifting and buoyant backing into a deep introspection on the self, a willing omphaloskepsis. Maybe I’m just a sucker for self-searching lyrics, or maybe the (again) impressive delivery helps transform everything into one of the songs that is far too pretty to be sad, but far too sad to be conned by the opposing implied feelings. Ultimately both songs show different facets that already help create a full picture. My only complaint, and there has to be one, is the length. 50 White Lines feels a little short and can feel a bit rushed during the chorus. And ‘Nothing To Offer’ adds almost two full minutes to the A-side’s length – a somewhat interesting choice to make the longer song the downplayed one. Personally, I shall eagerly await her next full length and cannot wait to hear what else Kathryn Williams has to offer. Photobucket