Scottish-born singer-songwriter Katie Malco has given things a reshuffle on this, her third EP. With previous releases Four Goodbyes and Katie Malco and The Slow Parade having Malco on the guitar, Tearing Ventricles is an entirely piano-based EP.

Replacing guitar with piano has given Malco's voice a beautiful, haunting quality that it never quite possessed on her previous guitar-based releases. This change in dynamic has not only been positively refreshing, but Tearing Ventricles ends up streets ahead of anything she has ever produced in terms of quality.

It's unclear whether the viciously intimate tales of sorrow that appear on this record are coming from an abstract, detached place, or if they're tied to personal experiences, but they certainly end up hitting one hell of a note with an empathetic audience. All ends of the emotional spectrum are reached, with Malco bemoaning that "catastrophe always seems to find me" in opener 'Ventricles', and projecting shockingly morose sentiments in 'September, claiming that "we only serve to offer each other temporary relief from solitude." And, the thing is, you believe her. And it feels okay.

Where 'Ventricles' and 'September' ache, 'Wake Up and Fight' rouses, with Malco's chunky piano notes creating a battle march of unhinged passion, supported by layers of pummelling backing vocals. It's morbid and uplifting in equal measure, and, without a slither of irony intended, those are two emotions that should be fused together more often.

Tearing Ventricles is twenty minutes of Katie Malco laid bare; detailing loss, anger, hope, despair and absolute joy - a piano, a voice and the most vital honesty laid down in song this year. In 'Wake Up and Fight', Malco instructs to "wake up, feel alive" - and for these twenty minutes we've never felt more so.