Katy Goodman, who's a member of La Sera and Greta Morgan from Springtime Carnivor have decided to collaborate on a new album. Take It, It's Yours is a covers album featuring their spins on some punk and new wave classics by the Stooges, the Misfits, the Gun Club, Bad Brains, Wipers, and others. It's be out August 26 via Polyvinyl.

"On the surface a song like [Bad Brains’] 'Pay to Cum' seems really masculine, but to me, the lyrics are really more about freedom," Goodman said. "You have the right to sing, you have the right to dance. When you have two girls harmonizing on these songs, they take on a new meaning, because you're listening in a different way. ... These songs helped shaped who we are. They gave us the songs, and now we get to give them back as our thank you." Find the full tracklist and hear their version of he Replacements' 'Bastards of Young' below.

  • Take It, It's Yours
  • 01 Over the Edge (Wipers)
  • 02 Pay to Cum (Bad Brains)
  • 03 Bastards of Young (The Replacements)
  • 04 Sex Beat (The Gun Club)
  • 05 Ever Fallen in Love (Buzzcocks)
  • 06 Where Eagles Dare (The Misfits)
  • 07 I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges)
  • 08 In the City (The Jam)
  • 09 Dreaming (Blondie)
  • 10 Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)