It seemed all too easy, too real, that Katy Perry's years-long dream of living in a convent would soon be realised: the Archdiocese of Los Angeles agreed to sell Sisters Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary, a convent with an eight-acre plot located in Los Feliz, to Perry for $14.5 million.

However! A plot twist! June this year saw two ageing nuns (pictured above) disputing the archdiocese's right to sell the property, taking matters into their own hands and instead selling it to a developer named Dana Hollister for $15.5 million.

This has irked Perry so much that she's decided to sue Hollister, as reported by The New York Times. A hearing at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday alleged that Hollister "took advantage of vulnerable, elderly nuns, who she malevolently convinced to oppose the Roman Catholic Church."