He's been spotted in Brixton, Kingston, Manhattan and Los Angeles, sporting his ghouly white-face and a variety of Jerseys that make him look like one of the last living members of the notorious Baseball Furies.

It's Aleister X smoking that Cali-kush and wall riding goofy foot in the downtown back alleys. He's coming back from a party, he's realised his name is not on the list after all... So instead, he'll go back and work on more recordings in his dark flat, locking himself inside for at least another week.

His trademark lo-fi sound keeps it real beyond a shadow of a doubt, radiating a karma of seventies rock and spacey trapped-out beats, bringing a unique mix to the table. Behold the dark veil overwhelming the sound druid of the century in comical daylight, deadly serious and blacker than the blackest black. So pull your socks up, do you get it? We surely do.

Listen to his latest track '(Partying Through) Time And Space' by Aleister X from his upcoming 'Be Sides' Vol.1 EP, out on March 4th.

Listen to his 'NSFW XMAS' Holiday 2013 song, where he's having a "Nazi for war Christmas", featuring the party king Andrew W.K.

Watch this brilliant videoclip for 'The Closer' keeps it real:

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