Not only did she give us one of the albums of 2017, Kehlani also has her fingers in many other pies -- humanitarian ones, to be more exact. It has now been reported that the singer's startup Flora has received a $50,000 investment from Arian Hamilton’s Backstage Capital venture capital firm, a very significant amount that will allow Kehlani to further develop her project consisting in providing opportunities for queer women of colour in tech.

The singer, whose music career came to an abrupt halt last spring due to a (thankfully) failed suicide attempt, has told TechCrunch that "bridging the gap between my career, activism & my audience is important to me as a next step," probably referring to the project also as being part of her process of healing. She has proudly shared the TechCrunch article via her Instagram account, stating that she is "honored to even be on TechCrunch" and urging people to "believe in your dreams, because anything is possible."

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