Ex-Capcom dev Keiji Inafune has recruited an all-star developer team for a new Kickstarter project to bring gamers the spiritual successor to the now semi-defunct Mega Man series, entitled: Mighty No. 9.

The protagonist is named Beck, and he's the ninth robot in a line of powerful robots who were infected by a virus. You'll run through six stages, and copy abilities from fallen foes - Sounds awfully like Mega Man to me!

The game is slated for the PC platform (with gamepad support) by way of Steam, but stretch goals include Mac, Linux, and consoles.

Right now the Kickstarter is sitting at roughly $700,000+, just under $200,000 shy of its $900,000 stretch goal with 29 days to go, so it's definitely going to be made. If things go off without a hitch, the game should be ready by Spring 2015.