The past few years has seen Kele Okereke hurtle into the environs of deep house, with tracks like 'Heartbreaker', 'Candy Flip' and 'God Has A Way' congregating at the midpoint of bolshy robo-beats, the rumbling squall of bass, and rave earworms. It was built for dancefloors across Europe, with nods to UK and German subgenres of the past few decades.

Now arrives 'Doubt', the first track from his first solo LP in four years, Trick. Front 'n' centre are his vocals, sodden with emotive '90s-dance hooks and his idiosyncratic twang. Behind that lies the house stylings he's spent the past few years dabbling with: lurching bass synths lurk behind crisp drum machine pulses. It's all about the primal, the kinetic essence forcing your toes to tap, legs to wriggle and arms to wave. Or, y'know, however normal people dance.

The diehard Bloc Party bloc may not appreciate the nicher direction he's taking, but with clubs around the world clamouring for ripe tunes and boogie junkies jonesing for a new dance fix, throngs more fans will surely amass.

Trick is due out 13th October on Lilac/Kobalt.

Listen to 'Doubt' below.

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