The last few days have been pretty interesting for Kele Okereke, the lead singer/guitarist from Bloc Party; a joke about his band dropping him was picked up by many sites believing that it was true, proving that tongue-in-cheek British humour isn't always picked up on.

On top of this, he's just now released a 90s looking video for 'What Did I Do' feat. Lucy Taylor, which is taken from his forthcoming EP, The Hunter (Out November 7th on Wichita).


  • 1. What Did I Do feat. Lucy Taylor
  • 2. Release Me
  • 3. Devotion
  • 4. Goodbye Horses
  • 5. Cable’s Goodbye
  • 6. Love As A Weapon
  • 7. You Belong To Someone Else

People seem to be pretty divided about this new track, but we like it, and what matters more than that? (see what we did there?)