On Friday AraabMuzik's song with Kelela, 'Final Hour', was leaked by Gustavo Guerra of Distrolord, the marketing/distribution team behind AraabMuzik.

Yesterday, both artists took to Twitter to distance themselves from Guerra, Distrolord and the song itself:

Also yesterday, the following statement was posted to AraabMuzik's Facebook, detailing new management for the Dream World release, now scheduled for release in January 2016.

PRESS RELEASE --- October 25, 2015“Araabmuzik” Song Leak Let’s clear the air … Providence, RI—Araabmuzik, LLC would...

Posted by araabMUZIK on Sunday, October 25, 2015

However, Guerra himself seems confused about the whole situation. This is what he said when speaking over the phone to try to explain the situation to Pitchfork:

"I met Kelela back at the CMJ showcase. She wanted to work with us. She gave me her email, I said "great." I sent her over some tracks. I said, "We're working on an album, we want you for our project." She said, "Great, send me over the beats." She selected the track, which is "Final Hour". She sent me over a copy of the song and was like, "Here you go." I was like, "Yo, this is dope. I respect this. This is the song, let's use this for our project." She was like, "Cool." She was psyched about it.

"At the time, she wasn't really known. Araab, he was at that moment. Down the line, she kept hitting me like, "Yo, what's up, we should get up and mix this record." I'm like, "Great, you should come to In Ya Ear Studios and we can work on the record there." So cool, she came through, we start mixing the record, and she left.

"Her management reached out to me and they were like, "Yo, we want to use this for our upcoming EP." Araab was busy at that current time, so like I said, we wanted to use this track for our project, we go, "We can put it on your project as well for a future release.""