Kelly Moran is a figure that has risen to prominence in the New York experiemental composition scene, notably working with Margaret Leng Tan. She struck out on her own with the 2017 album Bloodroot, which caught the attention of many, including legendary label Warp, who signed her for the next record. She has this week announced that she'll be putting out a new album called Ultraviolet on November 2nd.

“I was squatted down in the forest, listening to the sounds of the wind and the wildlife, and all the echoes surrounding me,” Moran recalls. “I asked myself: How can I make music that feels like this: natural, connected, and effortless?”

In the first song to be shared from Ultraviolet, 'Helix', we get a blast of the natural, "effortless" sound that she's going for. The track comprises resounding chimes struck as hypnotic percussion as its main driving force, and at first is seemingly simple, as she desired. However, 'Helix' can be unravelled to reveal multiple textures and interlocking instrumentation, displaying a complexity that takes eons of patience and no small amount of attention to detail. Listen below.

You can pre-order Kelly Moran's forthcoming Ultraviolet here ahead of its November 2nd release.