Kel McKeown, or Kelpe as he is better known, has announced a new album called The Curved Line – his fifth, and the second to be released via his own label, DRUT Recordings. It's scheduled to arrive on 24th August.

For now, we have album opener 'Doubles of Everything' to contend with. Imbued with an atmosphere of urgency, the track chimes with endlessly echoing crystalline portions of piano and restless beats cast with insectoid percussion. Swapping the piano for a satisfyingly fizzy synth, and adding a woozy, ear-pounding bass line as something metronomic frenziedly ticks away, the track sounds as though it'll set us up for the rest of the album, which is described by the press release as "a mature soundworld full of glowing club experiments."

  • The Curved Line tracklist:
  • 1. Doubles of Everything
  • 2. Chirpsichord
  • 3. Calumet
  • 4. Sick Lickle Thing
  • 5. Red Caps of Waves
  • 6. Valerian
  • 7. Drums For Special Effects
  • 8. Morning Two
  • 9. Canjealous
  • 10. Incantation