Kel McKeown, better known as Kelpe, has unveiled his newest track, 'Single Stripe', along with an excellent video.

'Single Stripe' is the third track to be released from his forthcoming record. It begins with hard hitting techno beats and glitches, with vocal fragments manipulated and bubbled up in the mix. Halfway through, 'Single Stripe' smoothly transitions into a synth pop sound, before Kelpe merges the two styles into a glorious finish.

The video is extremely cool. Created by Graphic Surgery and mookx, it is a psychedelic collage of digital shapes. These were created using programs from Johan Holwerda that allowed a real-time graphic representation of the music on screen. Every sound of the track is visually rendered by a graphic oscillator, essentially making the video a "visual jam session" re-edited by mookx. I don't pretend to understand all the technology here, but I can tell you that this video is definitely one to watch.

Kelpe's fourth LP, Fourth: The Golden Eagle, will be available June 3 via Kelpe's own label, DRUT Recordings.