It's fair enough, don't you think? Fair enough, Mr. Lamar. Fair-bloody-enough. Fair enough that he should say, hang on a sec guys, the album's not going to sound anything like this one song I've put out, so… get over it. Or something to that degree. We are all very expectant and very quick to jump on stuff and bash the living crap out of it when it's not in line with how we want it to be. Quite a primeval feeling that we've still yet to rid ourselves of.

Anyway, Kendrick Lamar's track 'i' was released last year and some people (who? – just like Wikipedia!) must've given it a bit of a thumbs-down and therefore assumed that his upcoming follow-up to good kid, m.A.A.d city (scheduled for sometime this year) was gonna be the same. Haters gon' hate as usual.

In an interview with XXL Mag, he directly addressed these detractors:

"I'm not an artist that’s gonna give you a single and say, 'This is what my album's gonna sound like, go sell it.' That's not me. I’m just not that artist to give you one or two songs here and there and run with it."

Fair enough, right?

Then he talked about the realisation of being seen as a role model – which is really interesting because it kinda presents him as a permanent, lasting artist – saying, "It's impossible to fight the title of role model."

It was the testimony of his fans, when meeting them, that swayed his mind. "At first I wasn't so sure, maybe it was just they were excited to meet me," he explained. "But then they showed me their wrists and had all these different scars from when they tried to take their lives but failed." His last album, apparently, had saved people's lives. It is a good album, I'll say that much.

Maybe with this responsibility on his shoulders (because in some ways it is a responsibility) the new album will be or is already sounding good, which is why he felt the need to come out and defend his music the way he has done.

Oh and, why not: here's the video for 'i' – enjoy!