The legendary Herbie Hancock has revealed he's working with Lamar on his jazz/hip-hop/funk-orientated new album, which is also set to feature the likes of Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, and Flying Lotus.

"I want to make records that point toward the concept of bringing people together and working toward encouraging people to aspire to be global citizens, and not just American citizens, or Italian citizens or Japanese citizens," Hancock says, adding that he's learning a lot from the young musicians he's working with. "To be global, or world, citizens is vital. Because that’s what we’ll be facing in the future and this whole thing of pitting one country against another — that stuff has to die. So, one way to do that is if you have people from different cultures, races, ethnicities and backgrounds in general, and put them together."

You can read the full interview here. Stay tuned for further information, including a release date.