In the mid-2000s, everyone caught the unparalleled fever that was 'Dennehy'. If you missed it, imagine going into a coma for 10 years and waking up with the world on fire. That was the power of 'Dennehy'.

The track, famously, was penned by Kenny Dennis, the alter-ego of fellow celebrated Chicago rapper Serengeti. Two albums and a richer backstory later, the man, the myth, the legend Kenny Dennis has returned with his upcoming third LP Kenny Dennis III.

Included in his brand new venture is 'No Beginner', produced by Odd Nosdam. His apparent love has gone awry, which he sorrowfully proclaims, "Hot dog for lunch, hot dog for dinner/Don't eat breakfast, I am no beginner." The theme of loss and aging is a constant on the new LP, which will feature previous Kenny Dennis collaborator and Workaholics star Anders Holm. The actor/rapper was featured on the Kenny Dennis LP as Dennis' sidekick Ders.

Go down the rabbit hole and pre-order the new LP on iTunes. Otherwise, listen to 'No Beginner' below.