Just in case you wondered, 'The Man' is Capitol Records (in the case of Kenny Rogers) and Tohme R. Tohme (in the case of Michael Jackson).

According to Prefix, both have been heavily screwed in recent times. During Tohme R. Tohme's stint as Michael Jackson's manager (Jan 2008 - March 2009) it's has been alleged that he gave himself $100'000 a month as the 'producer' of Jackson's comeback shows in 2009 that never happened due to obvious reasons, and that he took a $2.4 million "finder's fee" for the financial group that refinanced his Neverland Ranch. He's also supposedly claimed he is entitled to 15% of Jackson's catalog sales.

In the case of Kenny Rogers, it seems Capitol Records have been screwing him for quite some time. We won't list the 14 step lawsuit he's filed against the label (You can read it here) - but rest assured, it's pretty awful.