MESHES is a producer and beatmaker from Kent looking to provoke and unsettle with his haunting electronic productions. With the project still in its nascent stages, we're pleased to bring you early cut, 'ghosts', along with its hypnotic video.

Speaking on his creation process, MESHES aka Todd tells us “The process of writing the song is the stimulus for creation. Rarely do I have an idea and then go to the computer to try to reproduce what’s in my head. That would pretty much always lead to compromise and disappointment. I tend to sit for ages just changing a sound a minute amount at a time and assembling the songs that way rather than like some sort of complete diagram in my head. Like building blocks rather than a set of instructions. All of my songs are happy accidents, I suppose, and I often surprise myself with how my sonic doodles they end up.”

"Happy accident" wouldn't be the first phrase that would spring to mind when listening to 'ghosts'; the detail is too fine for it to be an accident, and the sound certainly isn't happy, as it quickly places us a cavernous soundscape with beats echoing off into a grey unknown. Soon these imperious blocks of noise are joined by synth that sounds like disembodied voices being piped in from a completely other time and place, but any warmth they might have once contained has now turned icy and distancing. 'ghosts' makes subtle changes throughout its progression, shifting like a spirit in a horror film that only has nefarious intentions in mind - and it's already subsumed you, making it too late to escape.

'ghosts' also features a video from production company Hexagram, which adds to the hallucinogenic quality of the song. MESHES tells us “We worked on a concept where the visuals map the live set without one being behest to the other. There’s a beautiful sense of synchronicity when the two elements of the set perfectly align."

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