Boston-born, London-raised Kenzie May is sweet and bare in her latest video for 'Honey,' the piano-led love song that turns from sultry to uncomfortable, just like the relationship she's singing about. By pouring actual honey all over her body throughout the single-take video, Kenzie's message is clear.

"Once, I saw a bee drown in honey, and I understood," Kenzie explained to The FADER regarding the video. "I think the duality of love makes it difficult to control; it’s beautiful and then it’s also devastating, so sometimes no matter how hard we try, we end up burying ourselves and each other. We shot most of it in one take, the vocals were recorded live—I guess I wanted to make life difficult for myself because I kept taking in mouthfuls, and at the end of it my nose and mouth were covered, so I couldn't really breathe—but imagine drowning in honey. I know all relationships have their issues, and we can try to cover them up and keep going, but even drowning in love is still drowning."