Over the course of the last couple of years, alt-rock quartet Kermes have grown up inside of the music scene of their hometown of Leiecester. There they found both strong proponents as well as dissenters for their outwardly queer and trans messages. Whether playing for advocates or enemies, the emotion drives their music and performances, pushing it to frenetic extremes with sparking guitars and irrepressible passion.

The latest single 'Yr Beast', which we have the pleasure of premiering today, tackles this conflict head on. "I was erased, I was dragged out the quagmire/ I was the beast of your cis gender pain/ and I am not sorry for the state of my body - I will never be sorry for that," begins their singer, Emily, the feistiness and pride dripping off of her every word. From there 'Yr Beast' only builds in magnitude, thrills and fury, going off in a blaze of fireworks into which the band has infused the many positive and negative driving forces that have led them to create such a raw piece of art.

Emily says of the song: "There has been so much noise made about the increased visibility of trans people in the mainstream media, and that’s great, but visibility isn’t the same as actual understanding. trans people are constantly undermined, ignored and held to impossible standards. our basic rights are an abstract plaything for politicians to throw around at will. we are mocked and judged and generally treated like shit just for having the audacity to exist. it’s a rigged game, and this song is about refusing to play along anymore… also, it’s a total bop."

Listen to 'Yr Beast' below.

'Yr Beast' is taken from Kermes' upcoming debut album We Choose Pretty Names, due out on April 13th via Robot Needs Home. You can follow them on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and catch them at the following live dates:

14th April – YMCA – Leicester (Headline)
18th April – Gwdihw – Cardiff (With Happy Accidents)
19th April – Nottingham TBC (With Happy Accidents)
20th April – Wharf Chambers – Leeds (With Happy Accidents)