Kero Kero Bonito have a new song! It's a secret song. Or a Secret Song. Cause it's featured on the latest SECRET SONGS compilation, a thing run and curated by Canadian cool guy, Ryan Hemsworth. Secret songs from artists you know and love, or don't know and will (probably) love.

KKB's offering on this tasty collection of surreptitious morsels is called 'Flamingo' and, well, here's how it opens (with playground rhyme aesthetic): "How many shrimps do you have to eat / before you make your skin turn pink? / Eat too much and you'll turn pink / Shrimps are pretty rich." It's also got the rhythm of a soulful slow dance filled with pop-glistens of clavier and N64-era flute melodies, claps and ticking hi-hat sharpening the beat to a point and poking you with it. In a playful manner.

"You don't need to change; it's boring being the same…" sings Sarah in the catchy chorus, using the titular flamingo as a symbol for, um, just being yourself, I think. "Black, white, green or blue – show off your natural hue, flamingo." It's beautiful, isn't it? And nicely poetic to use this animal. Animals are fun and can help to illustrate points about the world and society at large.

Go check out the latest SECRET SONGS comp, shh#ffb6c1 (???). You'll find another insane track from GFTOY, something euphoric from Japanese songmaker, Cuushe, and a new expansive and beautiful number from et aliae.

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