South London Japanese/English outfit (don't get to say that often enough) Kero Kero Bonito created a wave of excitement late last month with the revealing of the band named-title track and video. The chaotic swirl of East/West influence and a manic pace of PC-addled inspirations are, in a word, curious. In another, delightfully insane.

With a debut mixtape on the way at the end of the month, the trio revealed 'Sick Beat'. Singer Sarah Bonito boats here, claiming her exceptional video game playing prowess (Tomb Raider is a specific name drop), and rejecting life's simpler aspirations. Namely; "sewing, baking, [and] dress-making."

Listen to the kooky new single below, purchase it on iTunes, and look out for the group's aforementioned debut mixtape, coming August 25th on Double Denim.