Kesha's latest album, Rainbow, has been a critical success - it's all over emotional, highs and lows, fuck yous and forgiveness. All of these came out spectacularly in her live performances; the final show of her The Rainbow Tour at Electric Brixton was no different.

I was pretty ecstatic to be seeing her live too. I have very fond memories of singing most of the songs from Animal with a friend outside a dive bar from uni while we waited for some others to arrive. I hadn't known this friend for very long, but I felt like we bonded pretty heavily singing about being hungover, and just generally having a good time.

'Woman' opened the set and it felt like her last song was up first. The energy levels were through the roof from Kesha and her band - and the audience. That connection remained strong throughout the gig, which is no surprise for anyone who's familiar with her current record, or her fanbase of Animals.

When Kesha's mum, Pebe, came out on stage, she mentioned a point made in interviews that Rainbow and the continued support from her fans is one of the few things to have got Kesha through her literal trials and tribulations of recent years. Which came to a head during 'Godzilla'. There was a flash mob of sorts of placards reading 'Kesha - you are our rainbow' which brought the singer to tears.

But that connection between artist and fans was easily one of the highlights of the night - there were gifts thrown on stage, towels into the audience, the remembered face of "Kelly from England who came to my shows in the US". There was also a lot of spitting into the crowd; the grungy, messy pop-rockstar from 2010's 'Tik Tok' is still here.

Kesha is a polished live performer, you don't need to see her live to know that. Every song, old and new, was on point - 'Blow' was a particular highlight from her first album. There was even a country version of 'Timber' thrown in for good measure.

Above all, it was just amazing to see Kesha back to her best, performing and spreading the message she's always shared - we are who we are, and don't let any mother fucker tell you otherwise.


Boogie Feet
Learn to Let Go
Take It Off
We R Who We R
Hunt You Down
(Pitbull cover)
(with Pebe Sebert)
Your Love Is My Drug

Tik Tok