Atlanta rapper Kevin Abstract, who's also a member of Alive Since Forever, tabbed fellow group member Romil for the second single from his forthcoming MTV 1987 EP, 'DRUGS'.

Romil's beat isn't so much menacing as it is profound. The synth play is positively crunchy and alluring, while Abstract's R&B style chorus plays out effortlessly smooth. The near seven-minute track is fairly ambitious for the young rapper who made waves with the EP's first single 'Save'. 'DRUGS' lays a bit a more bare than its lead single, with the chorus professing, "My baby say I do too many drugs/My momma say I'm lost up in this world/My daddy say I'm on the wrong path/But I'm trying."

Despite its emotive choral front, the verses bleed with high energy in part due to Romil's furious take.

Listen to the track below and look out for the MTV 1987EP in the near future.