Friday night was a good night for me because i got to see Kevin Devine in all his shaven haired glory. As one of my favourite acts in recent years (well...second favourite if you go by this was the eleventh time (I think) that I've gone to see him perform, but only the second or third time I've seen him perform with a full band and in this case with the awesome Goddamn Band.

As my girlfriend would testify, I was pretty damn excited for the whole day leading up to the gig. "But I know you don't like his voice that much, but just listen to him, it's KEVIN." As much as i wanted her to like Kevin Devine, I knew that the only was he was going to convert her was if he played an acoustic set, which he didn't. I cant tell you just how many haters have been converted once they see him play solo. He's incredible and so captivating that it's hard to keep your eyes off him, as he gives his all on stage.

But lets not take anyway from this performance. It was a sweaty and distorted hour packed full of all the songs that I wanted him to play, plus a couple of new songs to whet the appetite for a future release. Also it was really good to see a different side to Kevin, a truly confident side that deserves to be aired more often.

I also feel it's my duty to comment on AA Bondy, who supported Kevin Devine on friday.

He stepped up to the mic with an acoustic and a harmonica holder and alarm bells rang in my head, "oh no! here comes a Dylan rip off." But to my surprise he was really good. Ok he did sound a little bit like Dylan but yet he still managed to sound unique too.