Kevin Devine has shared the visuals for 'Both Ways' - a track from his ninth studio album Instigator, which came out last October via Procrastinate Music Traitors.

The track is "about the two faces America wears, about how our mythologizing & relative economic/cultural pole-position & our imperial militarism are inextricably linked, and about what strikes me as tragically & fundamentally hypocritical about Modern American Capitalist Christianity," Devine explains. "Those all seemed to live under this larger roof, this idea that you theoretically shouldn't get to be both things, the bully & the victim, the cop & the robber, the lion & the lamb, and that in claiming both spaces, the center can't hold, and things fall apart."

The video was made by Kenna Hynes and Tiny Ship Co., using footage Hynes captured during Devine's tour with Pinegrove last Winter: "we all bonded pretty hard, especially after the election, where the shows became a place for people to feel good or feel scared or heal a bit or commiserate or freak out and these kinds of songs started to feel even more pointed and focused," he says.

Watch the clip for 'Both Ways' below.